Why The Reverse Hyperextension Can Help Heal A Herniated Disc

The reverse hyperextension is one of the few exercises that can help heal a herniated disc so effectively. The exercise is performed by laying on a reverse hyperextension machine, holding on to the handles, hooking your ankles underneath the pads and then raising your legs up parallel to the floor.

reverse hyperextension

The reverse hyperextension is excellent at building muscle in the posterior chain.

The reverse hyperextension is effective in rehabilitating a herniated disc due to the following:

1. It will build muscle in your posterior chain including your lower back, glutes and hamstrings.
2. The exercise will provide traction at the bottom of each repetition, opening up the disc space between each vertebra.
3. The exercise will cause the sacrum to be rotated and will provide a ‘pump’ to the discs in your lower back, providing nutrients to the discs to aid in their healing.

Since the reverse hyperextension machine is not always available in some gyms, the exercise can be performed at home using a swiss ball on a raised surface, such as a bench.